New Semester, New Teamwork

2 Feb

My new semester in the University of Limerick begins.

I am very happy back and start to work again after an eventful Christmas holiday.  Recently, I am in a group with two sweet guys in my class to do some research on Geocaching. Later our group will give a presentation in class and organize some activities and games for the class to get a better understanding of this area. Today we had a discussion and I will talk about what Geocaching is and what do we do for the activities.

group mates

Little do most hikers know but geocaching has always been right under their noses; It’s an international hobby inspired by adventurist spirits that just love the woods…. or wannabe land-pirates that don’t mind sharing.

So what is it exactly?

Geocaching is an entertaining adventure game for GPS users. The concept is individuals set up ‘caches’ all over the world and share their coordinates online so others can find the hidden cache. If you do take a reward from the cache you must leave something else within the cache.

Geocaching has only been around since 2000 when GPS technology was made available to the masses, and has grown to become a popular and entertaining sport. Although prize money and sponsorships haven’t gotten to the point where players can consider themselves professionals, people are traveling far, even to other countries, to participate in geocaching events.

Ironically, while this sport is enabled by technology like GPS, a fuzzy and not-so-accurate GPS makes the game more challenging. If GPS improves and becomes capable of pinpointing locations to the square foot, then most of the fun would probably be sucked out of it. We’re currently in the GPS’ capabilities “sweet spot” of close, but not needle-in-a-haystack-accurate, which keeps geocaching fun and challenging — unless people start hiding caches in tall buildings, trees, in the water, or under several feet of sand.



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