Ideas for the Project of “Littering”

8 Feb

I think the Contemporary Art class this semester will have a lot of fun.

Our first group project is to design something to change people’s behavior when disposing of rubbish on UL compus. I am in a group of five people, two music student and three IMedia student. Before we get our solution there was a lot of work to do. We investigated and interviewed people(student, library security, sanitation worker. etc), site visited and tried to find the main peoblem to be solved. Then we came to brainstorming.

We hope we can change people’s behavior in a fun way, which gives people a surprise while showing our main concept. Here are some of my ideas.

I want more weight The bottles in water should be cute and easy to pick up

In the last concept, I want to show clearly the connection between people’s behavior and the environment. Ireland has so many trees, to me, That’s why Ireland is such an attractive  country. A bin is connected with a tree beside it. When people litter, The tree groans and becomes withered; When people do things right, the tree grows better and birds singing. We can combine flash, audio, light together to achieve these effects.


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