15 Feb

A now illustration for the story “Helplessness”, which is written by Francis Guenette, is published on  the Story Shack, It was a pleasure to work with Francis, and we all hope you enjoy our work.^^


Leap of Faith

25 Jan

My new illustration was published! I like the story this time very much, so I guess I produced a illustration that satisfied myself ^^

Leap of Faith by Xiaonan Gao

Leap of Faith by Xiaonan Gao

Thanks to the story shack and the writer Faye Godwin!


Illustration for Dedication

6 Jan

It really took me a long time to creating this illustration. I love this story and it is very emotional, because most of its words are about feelings and thoughts. I finally formed an idea to present the spirit in this story, which is “less is more”. Hope you feel the same way and please enjoy the story here



Illustration for Ghost Writer

6 Jan

This is an interesting story and I really like it. I considered many ways to draw it, and finally It became like this^^  

Here is the story Ghost Writer


New Illustration

6 Jan

One more illustration for the story shack~! This time is a sad story. I hope you like it. To read this story, click here If only someone had cared a little moreIf only someone had cared a little more


Illustration for Love of God

6 Jan

I started produce illustrations for the story shack from September, which is a daily flash fiction platform that celebrates the collaborations between writers and illustrators. This is my first illustration for a story named “Love of God”. To see the story and more please visit here: for the love of god


Enjoy in Group Work- Bin Project Presentation

6 May

After months of work, our class presented our outcome of the public installation. Here I share some of them with you^^

The 8 bit bin was designed to encompass the fun theory, with the idea of gaming as their key concept.

Project by: Eimear Gavin,Patrick Cusack,Kayleigh SmithDavid Jacob,Ringo Huang,Ruan Kane.

Rover the Smurf Bin was created by Ruofan wang, Pauline Vereker, Sinéad O’Shaughnessy, Mark Cannon, Sarah Collins.

“Litter troll” is a film project to raise awareness as to the effects of littering.

Produced by Ken Coleman, Michael Svenson, Darragh Dukes, Sean Horsman, Órla Kelleher.

At last, this is the video of our group work.

Our group designed and created an interactive installation to present an audio visual experience that reflects the impact of rubbish disposal choices on nature. “Do you Landfill or Recycle?”

created by Xiaonan Gao, Stephen Moylan, Polo O’Connor, Aoife Moriarty, Martin Tornros.

And I have to say it again, I’m so happy to have this chance to work with everyone in my group, and I learnt a lot. Love you all~!^^

P.S. I failed to get the videos from the other two groups, but once I have them I will share them on my blog.